Discover our support strategy

Our work environment is the nature. To improve the latter is like adding a plant on our desk. It brings life and makes you feel better. For those reasons, we're investing in our own support projects:

  1. Our Manifesto
  2. Semester Support
  3. Remote Emergency

Read below to know more about those.

Our Manifesto

We Take Care of our Playground and we Build a Community of Partners with the Same Idea

The goal of the manifesto is to improve our environement with some guidelines. Focused on safety, sociopolitical context and the nature, those three poles make the essence of a great outdoor environment.

Our partners are taking care at a local level; where they live and work. As a company, we support in a global manner; where adventure happens and where great ideas emerge.

Read the manifesto

Semester Support

Every Semester, 6% of our Benefits Goes to Three Organizations

We choose three entities while keeping in mind the same poles as our manifesto: safety, sociopolitical context and nature.

You Want to be Supported?

Apply to our programm by contacting us. Provide us with a few words about your organization do and its projects. We'll be happy to answer you!

Remote Emergency

Rescue in Remote Areas is not Easy. Depending the Country, you can Wait for Days

The objective of this project is to reduce the rescue arrival time. We are now studying the rescue processes in different area such as the Himalayan range and Northern countries.

If you have ideas or stories about a rescue in a remote country, please contact us with the button below.