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Every guide is a person and has 
the right to feel safe, furthermore 
when at work.

Why such a statement?

In the mind of all outdoor people came the question: "What if it goes wrong?". Such a question is crucial and comes to safety, the second basic need in the Maslow's pyramid. Providing outdoor activities as a business comes to the same question.

In Switzerland, we have the chance to have a very outdoor friendly environment: the country is neutral, its nature is taken care of, and in case of problem a rescue helicopter will come in 30 minutes.

Such a safe environment mitigates external risks. It allows one to feel at peace and to focus on what matters. An environment like this needs to be taken care of in order to persist through time. Here, we define a manifesto so that the environment of all activity providers remains sustainable.

The Manifesto

Safety Above All

  • Safety always takes precedence over the completion of an activity
  • Skills are the first risk mitigation
  • Contribute to the closest emergency organization

Ease your Sociopolitical Context

  • Respect is key for your team, customer and yourself
  • Share moments with your team outside of work
  • Contribute to the organization(s) allowing you to do your work

Care for the Nature

  • Contribute to preserve your local nature as much as possible

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